The Secret to Fixing Imposter Syndrome

By December 13, 2019 September 8th, 2022 Mindset
Everyone suffers from it at some point but the solution is simpler than we think

L ike a bolt from the blue it came to me, after spending years of trying to figure out how to finally push aside the dreaded imposter syndrome.

I’ve read all the blogs (well at least from Google’s page 1 and 2), talked about how I constantly struggle with that fear of being found out, by not being the expert in my field, bought the t-shirt, been to the confidence conferences and so on.

One thing I was missing though was the secret source – something which I hadn’t figured on before. This is validation. It is, I think so important that it deserves caps…

VALIDATION… A cold, rather scientific word, but a word that sums up the process needed to facilitate those next steps.

Over the years I have had this validation for certain projects and decisions from friends and colleagues. I realised it helped me move the needle forward.

More validation for our thoughts & ideas… which will drive us faster towards a more focused goal

Now life is in a different place. I’m taking action again but don’t have the same channels and the people to lean on for advice and that all-important validation.

That’s why the new friends I made in 2019 at the Flynncon event in San Diego have become that essential sounding board – in the form of a… (and this sounds weird being British) …’mastermind’.

We’ve created between us, the seeds of support and the opportunity for validation.
We started off barely knowing each other… but now because of a shared mindset and the fact we all want to move forward, it enables us to be vulnerable and share those thoughts and insecurities we would never share with others.

The idea of Scwair One – to be a journey of business discovery, documented at every step along the way, and ultimately a resource to help others in the same boat, was and is a tricky thing to navigate, but on my mastermind Zoom call last week one of those guys gave me the validation I needed to run with it. It’s the reason this tiny insignificant post is published and not shelved in a library of other dust-ridden thought-dumps.

The weekly call is becoming a habit – which surely means more validation for our thoughts & ideas… which will drive us faster towards a more focused goal.

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