If you say you might, you won’t.

By July 19, 2022 April 20th, 2023 Blog, Mindset, Writing
Shifting your mindset and language is powerful

If you say you might, you won’t.
If you say you will, you might.

Whatever you think you can, you can.

Whatever you think you won’t. Won’t.

Whatever you think you can’t. Isn’t happening.

Wake up with positivity and you will be positive.

Wake up with negative thoughts and all will be wrong.

Dehydration is a tool for stress and negativity.

Hydration is a tool for feeling better.

Mix water with your body and you will be stronger.

☼ ☼ ☼

This is one of the many thoughts I wrote down last week…

which I need a reminder of every day.

Maybe it can help someone to say ‘I will’, rather than ‘I might’.

#water #habits #outofcomfortzone

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