‘At least I tried didn’t I… at least I did that’

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Don’t quote me, but…
At least i tried didn't I_One flew over the cuckoos nest

Self… defeating or affirming?
This is the quote that I live by.

It’s the quote that bounces around my head whenever things feel like they’re not working out exactly the way they were supposed to.

It’s a quote from a fictional character – Randall P McMurphy in the film One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest – as he tries with every ounce of his soul to lift a marble sink and break out of the hospital.

It’s a powerful film.
Jack Nicholson is masterful.

I find it odd that a fictional quote resonates, but words contrive their meaning – it’s just that usually there’s a real person quoted with real achievements at the end of it.

On the one hand this quote is celebrating effort and determination.
But on the other, it’s also allowing defeat before the battle has been fought.

‘If I put in all this effort it still might not work’ is a mindset which will probably bring failure. But that’s okay. We learn from failure.

Why do I live by it?

Because things will never go the way you plan them. Ever.

Life is full of obstacles. But if you take that tentative first step, you release new opportunities, pathways and potential – which otherwise would never appear.

At least I tried… putting down my thoughts this morning. At least it might help one person with their day.

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