The daily habit that is changing my life.

By April 14, 2023 December 12th, 2023 Blog, Mindset, Writing
Developing a writing habit can alter the way you see the world and yourself

Every morning without fail.
I write a few words.


Some will have resonance.
Others may fall.
And lay buried over time.

But each morning I learn.
I practice to improve.

Along the way.

A long forgotten word.
The playfulness of a pun.


In awe. Some times.

Each day new faces enter my life.
Strangers who understand.
Others who show up.
Unspoken accountability.

A strange dimension of experience.
Beyond the physical.

Cast with pixels and code.
With humans in and all around it.

Language pulling us together.
Distance keeping us apart.

Until one day.
It won’t.


My life changes.
Every day I hit ‘post’.

I lose.

0.5% fear

I gain.

0.5% confidence.

Over time.

That’s huge.


It’s started with one word.

I don’t know where it will end.


Change is available.

To all of us.

And all of us.

Can help each other change.

When was the last time your life changed – from a daily habit?

I’m that self-deprecating bloke @Andy.
Writing every day and sharing whatever I have inside.

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