The Loneliness of the Long Distance Entrepreneur

By November 30, 2022 April 21st, 2023 Blog, Entrepreneurs, Writing
Follow One Course Until Successful’, as Robert Kiyosaki states in his book Rich Dad Poor Dad.

I‘m curious, does anyone else think like me? This is a question so many entrepreneurs must ask themselves… that is, if they think like me.

I’ve heard it said that entrepreneurs don’t think like other people – their thoughts run wild, pinging around their brains like a pinball on steroids.

We must ‘F.O.C.U.S – Follow One Course Until Successful’, as Robert Kiyosaki states in his book Rich Dad Poor Dad.

But focus takes a miracle in my mind, so it makes sense that it might in others too. If everything is going on inside our heads, it can feel like we’re on our own with our ideas. It can be a lonely virtual place.

Entrepreneurs don’t achieve success over night. That is almost true, save for the influencer who posts a viral video, propelling them into a world of accidental entrepreneurship. But ultimately things take at least a bit of time to pick up momentum and sometimes that momentum is in our heads.

Sounds weird? Well I guess you don’t think exactly the way I do, but that’s not a surprise…

Famously the most complex functioning muscle in our bodies is our brain. So much is apparently untapped but we know its power to invent, innovate, influence, be influenced, absorb. Take care of your brain and it should take care of you.

Apparently the brain can and should be ‘trained’ to stay active into later life. It reproduces cells, but at a depleting rate as we get older.

We’re all unique, absolutely… I agree with you, but we’re incrementally, ever so slightly the same.

It just happens that rules were written when the writers were winning. The Dyslexics, The Spectrum Liers, The ‘Weak’, The Misunderstood – all potential terrible college band names but now their creative mindsets are winning over the academic written-in-stone (literally) traditions which were seldom questioned.

They’re championing new innovative methods, disrupting the stagnant pool of business and treading the nettles so we don’t have to. Though I still want to find a patch of nettles untrodden, preferably with a patch of dock leaves right next to it.

So you see, I’m in business doing something I love, but change comes constantly and so do the challenges, so I’m surrounding myself with great people, who can teach me… hopefully I have something to share with them.

Us creatives, we have to build things together… and we can build great mountains.

I feel like I should be standing on a chair shouting ‘Captain my Captain’ but I’m on @LinkedIn a still almost disruptive platform and I’ll literally be happy if one person likes it. One person that understands me.

But it’s not likely… because I’m the lonely entrepreneur… wait, sounds good… just googled it and there’s a guy called @Michael Dermer who IS the Lonely Entrepreneur. Another book to basket and save for later.

I’m one of them – the long distance entrepreneurs who is learning and creating and learning everyday.

Tom Courtney – I salute you!


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