What if you had to start from the beginning again – using everything you know and being ready to learn everything you don’t.


The pace of change is faster than ever before. People and businesses need each other to pull themselves through the changing landscape.

The concept of Scwair One [it sounds like it looks] is to discover how to start and grow a business from scratch in 2022 and beyond, from a new perspective. It doesn’t follow convention, talk about content, say it’s this or that, but it’s here because of change.

As entrepreneurs we often hold thousands of fleeting thoughts in our heads – this website is an evolving virtual mind dump of every essential piece of information to help us build something from scratch.
There are (or will be soon) links to online articles, useful products and important resources. Follow the evolution of our initiatives like The Mentor Exchange and Save a Chair while connecting with other like-minded people with big ambitions.
Being successful in business doesn’t have to be something other people do. Let’s help each other to take the next small step forward.

In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity

Albert Einstein

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About Me
andy greenhouse

Hey, I’m Andy Greenhouse – a director, creative director, designer and business owner  – who has battled with self doubt.

Despite this I’ve achieved more than I thought I ever could, through determination, commitment and taking action.

I took small actionable steps to build my confidence which carried me through a successful publishing career, multiple passion projects and ultimately the business I’ve run for the past 7 years.

In 2015 I got deeper into self-improvement and the idea for Scwair One came to me. What if you could build a business which didn’t know what it was yet and record its evolution along the way. I sat on the idea for a while, writing down my thoughts until eventually I started an Instagram feed… and shared it with exactly nobody. It was still a place to exorcise my love of writing and explore my personal development journey.

The idea began to evolve.

I backed off from social media and felt healthier for it. Then recently I found myself with time. Something so precious and unexpected. The Covid-19 global pandemic prompted a ‘now-or-never’ mindset, so I embraced the opportunity to start a project from scratch which would help others with their own personal and work development.

Scwair One is a work in constant progress. It’s has plenty of gaps and flaws, which will be fixed eventually, but I’m not waiting until everything is perfect this time.

Thanks for stopping by.
I’m @ Scwair 1. Please join me there.