The New Normal

By April 1, 2020 April 20th, 2023 Blog, Community, Entrepreneurs
What can we as entrepreneurs do to help each other in this brave new post-Coronavirus world?
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I begin with no idea what I’m going to write.
The only thing I know is if I want someone to read this, I must hook them in with an intriguing subject line, or first paragraph.
This paragraph isn’t that.

I’m not a writer, but I’ve been told that my words fit together in some comprehensible way, creating a narrative people can follow.
So I continue to write… to learn… to evolve.

I never imagined the world would find itself in a situation like we’re in – one so far beyond our control and so far so quickly.

‘In this together’ is the line I keep hearing and reading. We’re playing our part while others are putting themselves on the line for the international community at large. But I can’t help but feel guilty / helpless / of no use [*delete as appropriate] when I know that I could be… and we could be useful. But how?

I started the Scwair One project with no idea where it would go, when it would begin or how it would evolve – just that it *would* evolve .
Back in 2010 I could see industries were changing, shrinking, morphing into new ones. I left my own insular industry and a ‘successful’ career to look outside – to explore what was on the other side… and what I found was breathtaking.

Innovation was all around – people doing amazing things with passion and drive, with skills I could only imagine myself scratching the surface of. I was not worthy, not intelligent enough with definitely not enough knowledge of business to even make a dent. What was I thinking, with my wife 5 months pregnant, leaving a well-paid position to follow my dream of being an ‘entrepreneur’?… whatever that was.

So I learned.
Though I didn’t know it, through the stress and the hard times, I put my head down and learned new skills without knowing I was doing it – finance, project management, marketing, lead generation, sales.
I started a business and would like to say I never looked back, but I did, occasionally, wondering if leaving everything ‘safe’ behind was the right choice.
I said ‘yes’ to things because they scared me. And personally grew from every ‘yes’’. Turns out the things that scare you are the things you care about the most… the things you must do.

This is the next thing I must do. Write this post and upload. Share it with people who I worry will judge me for it. To try and help those people like me who don’t know what future they’re going to write, who don’t know where their next chapter is going. We need each other, in a present where we can’t touch each other.

The next thing after that is to host a call – for everyone who wants to talk with others about their situation. A mentor exchange.
We’ll talk about struggles to comprehend the future of our work – together with positivity, support and motivation from all involved.

It’s an experiment, this first one. If one person turns up, that’s fine.
If 10 people check-in, there’ll be more wisdom to go round.

In this together?
I think we really are and we need support from each other now more than we ever thought possible.

I’m @ Scwair1. I’d love to see you there too.

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