This book helped me focus.
It basically boils down to one thing – which you don’t have to be a genius to work out – yep, ‘The One Thing’ you need to focus on… now, tomorrow, this month, this year. The one thing that makes everything which follows, basically easier.

There are a raft of books which promise what the titles deliver in one line (does that make sense?) but if they’re built on a simple statement or tag line, it’s surely difficult to expand one concept into 200 pages, isn’t it? The marketing behemoth Seth Godin has had huge success with one line concepts, (The Dip, Tribes) breaking them down into relevant chapters that reinforce.

And that’s what this book delivers – a reinforcement of a concept that if you focus on ONE THING every day, in work, in life, in love… then you’ll see rewards quicker than you can say ‘pontification’.

Reading these ‘one-concept’ books, you wonder to yourself – is the author just repeating him/herself? But it’s exactly that repetition which brings habits home. The fact that an entire book is written about a single element of self-improvement is enough to commit it to long-term memory.

And I keep it there, face-out on my shelf, to remind me not to diversify or distract… too much.
My one thing today was writing this post – and doing ‘a million other things’ for my work…
…but the one thing was done.

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