Scwair1 Podcast 09 : How To be Interesting In Marketing with Mychael Owen

By January 11, 2024 Scwair1 Podcast




Are you interesting enough?
Mychael Owen doesn’t think so.

This episode of the Scwair One Podcast features a conversation with awesome marketing & branding expert Mychael Owen.

Mychael helps brands and businesses be more interesting.
He’s had an interesting entrepreneurial career: From his early days as founder of an award-winning design & marketing agency leading to a plethora of advisory roles, to founding multiple businesses and brands, including the fashion label Always Wear Red, luxury holiday home The Old Post Office… he also enjoys exercising his writing legs with his brilliant blog 50 Odd – the diary of a man who stopped waiting.

He’s a lecturer, growth coach and writer. He’s also none of the above.
And all of them.

And he’s currently writing a book.
Which is pretty damn interesting.

This is a long one… because there is just so much gold inside.

Our chat was recorded during the fifth of my open• sessions – a series of 12-hour Zoom conversations where people can drop-in to talk and meet others who are like… or differently-minded.

We also opened up the ‘floor’ to questions from others on the call.

In this episode we cover:

  • The benefits of being interesting

  • The difference between marketers and publishers

  • Why if you’re not seen or noticed – everything else is irrelevant

  • Why downtime IS life

  • How he discovered marketing and grew a business on the way

  • How his gut told  him how to stand out

  • What he’s writing

  • Why he wants to kill marketers

  • Why he doesn’t care about the Linkedin algorithm

  • His take on personal brands

  • Why stand up comedy would make him cry

  • Why Mychael is like Eminem

  • About taking pills and writing books

  • The saddest story about a last bird

  • His process for writing

  • Why we should be aware of the echo chamber

You can find Mychael on LinkedIn.

Read more from Mychael at:

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