Video Talks Podcast 24 : How To Be Confident On Camera with Christopher Tester

By December 11, 2023 December 12th, 2023 Podcasts

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If you’ve ever had a fear of getting in front of a camera, this episode is for you.

It’s something I’ve been exploring myself with a 30 day Selfie Video School experiment to conquer my fear of the camera and see where confidence comes from.

In this episode I talk (but mostly listen) to the awesome voice actor Christopher Tester as he speaks about how to get over that fear using practical tips anyone can apply.

This is full of absolute gold.

Listen and grow more confident on camera in the process.
What are you waiting for?

You'll Learn
  • How Chris uses for his content (without sponsorship)

  • His social media journey to 300k followers on TikTok and 50k on YouTube

  • How he grew his confidence with video through constant iteration

  • How he started with ‘low stakes’ using Instagram Stories

  • Why consistency is key

  • Why miming doesn’t help you hugely as a voice actor

  • How he pushed himself to make content to improve his performance

  • Why you should give yourself the opportunity to fail repeatedly

  • Why you need to have a reason to speak

  • How to develop performance energy

  • How thinking of who you’re talking to can really effect how you feel

  • Why you should ‘script twice and shoot once’

  • Why you’ll never appeal to everybody

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