VT 004 : How to make a one-man feature film & beat procrastination with Geoff Searle

By June 25, 2020 July 2nd, 2020 Podcasts


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I t takes a lot of commitment, talent and luck to become a great filmmaker.

Animators and VFX experts study their craft through countless hours of learning, doing and learning more through doing. Always being patient.
Actors generally go through a lot rejection, with their passion for what they do helping them stay in the game.
Magicians… well – practice practice practice.
So how do you become great at all of these skills? It would surely take a life spent relentlessly working and practising again and again. The sort of commitment, talent and patience only a few people hold. Geoff Searle is one such person in my opinion.
Geoff has explored almost every area of filmmaking, both commercial and independent – he’s worked on features, DOP duties, directed ads and brand content, produced scripts and treatments for animation series, acted in advertising and big budget features and at one point he made the world’s first one-person feature film.
His achievements are great, but he doesn’t like to talk about them.
In this episode director, animator, actor, magician and audiophile Geoff Searle talks about how he tackles procrastination, what businesses can do to help themselves with video and what it was like to make his ‘one-man feature film’.
You'll Discover
  • How he learned every aspect of filmmaking

  • How to harness the power of nature to film when you don’t have a crew

  • The importance of curating your work online.

  • The secret to generating great innovative ideas

  • Why pollution is great for filmmaking

  • Why Oracle Peak is the US’s most mysterious national park

  • Why you should never shoot down anyone’s ideas

  • The power of listening to feedback

  • Experimenting with frame rates

  • 3D Audio and being ‘in’ the movie

  • How a small brand can amplify their voice with video

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