Video Talks Podcast 20 : How To Be Successful on Social Video & Instagram Reels with Victoria Hutton

By October 3, 2020 October 4th, 2020 Podcasts

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Victoria Hutton is a freelance videographer and editor based in London.

After graduating she started her career as a trained journalist who tapped into video when technology became faster and more available.

She quickly became head of video production at Mumsnet, and HELLO! Magazine before launching her own company in 2019.

Victoria works with companies like GHD and Hello, while offering her expertise to influencers and independent businesses. Her entrepreneurial drive shows through in her #selfshootclub where she helps people become better at video with the kit that they already have.

Her ’30 days of Reels Inspo’ in September 2020 helped grow her own audience while helping people to harness the power of instagram video.

In this interview she discusses how businesses can harness social video, what you can do to stay relevant in an ever-changing environment and how to get over your fear of Reels!

You'll Learn
  • How Victoria went from studying journalism to being head of video at Mumsnet

  • Advice to startup businesses using video

  • Why a content strategy and clear identity within video content is important

  • Why you should show what you do as a business

  • Why you should put your face in front of the camera and bite the bullet

  • How she came up with her 30 days of Reels Inspo

  • How to get started with Instagram Reels

  • How creating the right head space for work is really important

  • How celebrity guests like Hilary Clinton made her learn quickly

  • Why 12 minutes filming someone teaches you so much

  • The 10,000 hours rule

  • How her passion for stories for a young age evolved into her career

  • How technology advances helps you transfer your skills into new areas

  • The value of putting yourself in front of camera

  • The benefit of self-shot video

  • The balance of time vs production value

  • Why she keeps a record of positive feedback for tough times

  • Why social media has been great for connecting to like-minded people

  • The power of an online tribe

  • How different video platforms emerging influences what people want

  • How the video market influences video content creation

  • Why you need to choose carefully which video platform you want to use

  • Why recording Reels is about not being a perfectionist

  • What you can learn from Victoria about Reels

  • Why you should always start shooting a little early

  • How she plans her Instagram feed

  • Why Covid pandemic influenced her next moves

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