How to Grow Your Influence & Business on YouTube with Edie Clarke

By September 10, 2020 September 24th, 2020 Podcasts

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Edie Clarke is a video & YouTube strategist, based in Brooklyn, New York. She’s also founder of Virtually In Sync – which helps companies and entrepreneurs create brand awareness for their business using videos and YouTube, ultimately helping them reach their audience & grow their business.

After studying TV & Film Production at UCLA, Edie went to work for Sony Pictures and eventually founded her own company to provide video strategy, remote video creation, and video marketing services for solopreneurs, while also servicing businesses who want to outsource their video needs.

She helps established entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, trainers and thought leaders with a purpose and encourages the camera shy to embrace the lens.

In this interview Edie takes us through how she got started in remote video creation, why YouTube is so important for the long-term, how to optimise your videos and shares her tips and tricks for efficient content creation.

This interview is split into 2 digestible parts.

You'll Discover in PT.1
  • How she started as a video virtual assistant

  • How YouTube optimisation changed the game for her work

  • Why you should treat your YouTube channel as your website

  • What exactly ‘remote video creation’ is

  • How self-promotion on LinkedIn has helped Edie grow her client base

  • Why you need to utilise video on your ideal platform

  • The power of the YouTube search engine

  • How Facebook video differs from YouTube

  • Why you need to find what your audience needs help with before making videos

  • How to find what your audience’s pain points are

  • The importance of custom thumbnails

  • Why she couldn’t believe in herself enough

  • How she works remotely with her clients

  • Why a video content marketing plan is super important for a successful business

You'll Discover in PT.2
  • Why you should start with one platform first

  • Why Edie realised she could speak to a specific audience who could only learn from her

  • How to choose the right platform depending on where your audience is

  • Why live-streaming was a game-changer for people nervous around video

  • Tech advancements in video which make things easier

  • The power of personalised video

  • Why she uses the same equipment as her clients

  • Her best productivity tips

  • How she finally found her work-life balance working 4 days a week

  • Why taking a break is healthy

  • Why you should introduce yourself with a video

  • Why a ring light is no good if you have glasses

  • Why you should always research first

  • Her ultimate goals for her business

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