Video Talks Podcast 15 + 16 :
How LinkedIn Video Turned a Passion Project into a Bestselling Book with Vic Lee

By September 3, 2020 September 10th, 2020 Podcasts

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Vic Lee is a London-based graphic designer-turned-artist-turned-illustrator, muralist, storyteller, typographer, book publisher and ‘wizard of ink’.

His work can be seen on walls across the UK, and thanks to the success of his recent Corona Diary project, now on coffee tables across the world.
He draws in black and white, simplifying the noise we all experience, and injecting his own sense of humour and personality into each piece.
In February 2020 Vic started documenting the Coronavirus outbreak by drawing his experiences – as a way to deal with his own feelings about the situation. Somewhere along the line this turned into The Corona Diary project which has become the must-have book of the period.
Vic started posting videos about the project on social media, which helped him reach more and more people until he finally pressed stop and self-published the book, signing, packaging and posting each one.
He’s recently donated £5000 of his own money to the charity FareShare UK as a way of saying thank you to all his readers.
You'll Discover in PT.1
  • How 3D art influences his illustration work

  • Vic’s typography & fonts influence

  • Why Vic doesn’t follow the ‘3 font rule’

  • The tools he uses

  • How his illustrated diaries are a way to record his own travels

  • How a book he read predicted the Covid pandemic

  • Why he recorded a YouTube video to encourage children to draw their own diaries

  • How a difficult childhood influenced his passion for drawing

  • Why illustration was his internal therapy

  • How life after the Covid lockdown will effect the way we go forward

  • Why the lockdown was Vic’s ’sabbatical from life’

  • The one thing he’s learnt during lockdown

  • Why he decided to stop drawing and hit publish

You'll Discover in PT.2
  • Why you should follow the 3 second rule in video

  • Why time-lapse video is key for artists

  • Why Vic ditched video titles to increase engagement

  • How to stimulate the senses to get people hooked

  • How you can be creative with the equipment you have

  • How showing your personality on videos connects with people

  • How to have an immediate impact on social media

  • How brands should use video

  • Why you should wear your heart on your sleeve

  • How to create a relationship through honesty

  • His new kids’ book

  • Why he’s looking for a publisher for a 2nd edition

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Videos That Talk

Vic’s initial call-out video encouraged kids at home to try drawing their own diaries.

In the interview Vic talks about his commission for the University of Kent – 8 days in the making condensed into a time-lapse using his iPad with a wide angle clip-on lens.

Vic’s tips on materials & techniques

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