Video Talks Podcast 12 :
How to Build a Successful Lifestyle Business & Be An Awesome Drone Pilot with Tom Middleton

By August 12, 2020 August 19th, 2020 Podcasts

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Tom Middleton is a director, cinematographer, drone filming specialist and co-founder of SMN Film – a video production and video marketing agency. He’s also one of the BBC’s ‘go-to’ drone cinematographers.


In this interview – loaded with advice for aspiring and established filmmakers and creators, Tom gives us his best advice for drone shooting, how he connects on a personal level with businesses and what it takes to truly find a work-life balance.

Tom runs the business with his wife Miche, also a filmmaker – specialising in creating beautiful cinematic films that evoke an emotional response in audiences worldwide.

Over the years Tom has run film events, lectured in creative media production and freelanced as a DOP, director and producer.

Videos That Talk

SMNFilm’s 2020 Highlights reel features an eclectic mix of drone shots, brand films and events.

SMNFilm’s pre-lockdown shoot with Ludlow Gin sparked a lasting relationship

SmnFilm’s work with outdoor brand Tentsile has helped them strengthen connections to potential customers through considered, lifestyle-focused brand films.

You'll Discover
  • The secrets behind great drone shots

  • How video can change the fortunes of a business, even in lockdown

  • The power of LinkedIn vs other social networks

  • An overview of Tom’s drone cinematography course

  • Why his family moved away from London

  • How they evolved a business by playing with toys

  • Why gaming and playing Goldeneye is great for drone filmmaking

  • Why it’s important to showing your personality through social media

  • How to shoot with a smart phone

  • Why you should separate yourself from your business when working from home

  • Why camera movement is key in everything he shoots

  • Why backing up footage is the first thing you should do

  • Why planning is fundamentally the best thing you can do

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