Video Talks Podcast 09 : How to Focus & Build Your Video Brand with Lex Johnson

By July 23, 2020 September 25th, 2020 Podcasts

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How do companies grow from a seed planted by an independent freelancer, to an industry player working with big brands, constantly adapting to a changing landscape? Lex Johnson knows because he finds himself in the middle of his professional journey, having built trust with his clients over years of hard work and big visions – with many lessons learned he looks forward to many more to come.

Lex is an animator, director and founder of design and animation company Dazzle Ship. His career has grown from a passion to create and innovate – all the time using animation to further his goals. Motion graphics and animation can create compelling new dimensions of storytelling for brands and organisations and Lex helps them do this.
At 18 he created his first animated TV series for European music channel ‘Channel U’. He went on to work in computer game animation, he’s created short films and music videos that have been shown at international festivals and he also likes to teach – lecturing at renowned Swedish motion design school Hyper Island as well as several London universities.
In 2017 he took a step back and worked remotely around the world for a year. His company Dazzle Ship has gone from strength to strength developing a strong identity and client base – working with charities, brands and events – always connecting motion graphics with a brand story.
You'll Discover
  • How he went from Grime to animation

  • How Missy Elliott played a role in his career

  • Why you should upgrade yourself

  • Why you should take risks

  • Why thinking about yourself as a brand is a good idea

  • Why you should celebrate more milestones

  • Why you should allow yourself to be obsessed by things

  • The secret to a good client relationship

  • What it’s really like to work remotely around the world

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Website Dazzle Ship

Instagram @vectormeldrew

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The Travis Scott concert in Fortnite

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Open source 3D software Blender

Book: The War of Art

Videos That Talk

Lex and Dazzle Ship were tasked with coming up with the brand identity for the Drone Racing League.

Lex’s gaming animation background comes through in a recent project for Xbox

Since 2013 Dazzle Ship has collaborated with WaterAid and their international partners including UPGro, Skat Foundation, RWSN and United Nations.

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