Video Talks Podcast 11 : How To Help Businesses Grow Trust Through Video with James Lee

By August 6, 2020 August 19th, 2020 Podcasts

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The year 2020 will go down in history as the year everything changed. The effects of a global pandemic continue to ripple through all our lives and previously unforeseen events and consequences are only just taking shape. One of the more positive effects of the crisis is the necessity for transparency and responsibility on the part of businesses and brands.


In this episode of the Video Talks Podcast we delve into how video can help those companies communicate and connect with their audience, building trust where there is so much doubt.

James Lee is a director and photographer based in Richmond Virginia. He runs Journey Seven – a creative video & photography company.

At the age of 19, James knew that being an entrepreneur was the only way he could pursue his dreams so for the past fourteen years, James has been through familiar successes, failures and the challenges of running a businesses day-to-day. He knows how important it is for other businesses and organisations to have reliable partners to collaborate with – especially in the creative field. His values include thoughtful communication, responsibility, guidance, and the continual improvement of both character and craft.
He recently got married during the first weeks of lockdown in the US and has since been working on a series of Covid-related films for the community at large.
You'll Discover
  • How to improve your workflow efficiency

  • Why documentary storytelling is detective work

  • Why he doesn’t find out too much about a subject first

  • How small businesses can help each other in the current climate

  • Why being a wedding photographer is a good training ground

  • How listening to your team can really help you

  • Why it’s important to listen to people when you’re interviewing them

  • The power of transcription software like Rev

  • The secret to balancing budgets with non-profits & NGOs

  • How to price yourself working with a non-profit

  • Why your unique qualities gives more value to a client

  • How vulnerability and trust are key to how brands use video

  • Why the discipline of hard work will make or break a business

  • How James manages to maintain a zero inbox

  • Why you should only take what you can eat from a buffet

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