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May 27, 2020

The Comfort of Strangers

In a self-help obsessed world there are simple solutions right under our noses
At least i tried didn't I_One flew over the cuckoos nestEntrepreneursMindsetWriting
July 25, 2022

‘At least I tried didn’t I… at least I did that’

Don't quote me, but...
Mentoring and mentorship of two people is importantCommunityEntrepreneursMentors
April 11, 2020

Why Mentors Are Important

When we hit the entrepreneurial wall our support network is there to pick up the…
July 24, 2022

Two Options Two Outcomes

Without exercise things could spiral. Non-exercise creates lethargy. Lethargy multiplies daily. Lethargy breaks good habits.…

The Future of Work?

What happens when life returns to some sort of new normal? We aim to keep updated with new articles from around the web.

The Importance of Diversifying your Income

As a freelancer, three little words have followed me around, spoken of like magic beans, and if somehow acquired, my career and fortunes will grow and grow and grow. Those words? Diversifying your income Finding several revenue streams feels more urgent than ever.

How The Coronavirus Pandemic Is Accelerating The Future Of Work

For a decade we have talked about accelerated change. More than any other factor, the pace of change in technology, the economy, and society are reshaping the future of work. Yet even as forward-thinking leaders have pondered effects of accelerated change on their organizations, actual transformation has been, paradoxically, slow.

If Remote Companies Are The Future Of Work, What Does That Mean For Leaders?

Remote working is nothing new. Plenty of us have been doing it for years – for at least one or two days a week, if not the entire time. Nevertheless, although many companies have long had the available technology to switch their entire workforces over to remote working, they have often been reluctant to do so in practice.

We’re in the midst of a massive work-from-home experiment. What if it works?

Life has changed enormously over the course of a few short weeks. Schools are closed, some cities have curfews, and more Americans than ever before are crawling out of bed and dialing into conference calls from their couch.